Insulating Shed for Freezer Placement


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Insulating Shed for Freezer Placement

(Please refer to the pictures posted at the bottom of this post)

We are finishing up on a backyard shed in sunny Southern California. The summer temps often reach 90 degrees F, and we are thinking the shed will get awfully hot during this time without insulation in place. The problem is, we like the open walls, as for our purposes, the bare studs are perfect for shelving to store paint cans, or jars of nails and screws. Of course, we can't insulate the walls AND put shelving in place. Our dilemma is that we also want to place a full-sized freezer in the corner.

Without any insulation, will the summer heat drive our electric bills through the roof before finally destroying the freezer altogether?

Besides the two obvious choices, insulate the walls or not do anything, is there anything in between which could help us cool it down? Such as insulating the ceiling or just the walls which face the sun?

The roof will be tiled and the windows will have shades that keep all sun out. The stucco is not finished yet, but will be soon. Inside, it will be dark in there, and we've already sealed the walls and windows with foam and caulk.

So, what should we do? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Ventilation may be your best bet. The freezer will act like a heater making your shed even hotter. Adding insulation will help trap the heat from the freezer inside.

Even though it's call a freezer, and yes the inside is kept cold, everything makes heat. The heat that was inside is "pumped" to the outside of the freezer and the motor/compressor makes it's own heat just by running. If your freezer uses 800 or 1'000 watts of electicity, just think of it as a 800 or 1'000 watt heater in your shed.

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