Basement Ceiling Joists Insulation....


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Basement Ceiling Joists Insulation....


I am insulating my basement (using the great info I've gotten here on walls & vapor barriers). Now I want to fill the ceiling joists (for both thermal & sound reasons) - they are about 9" deep (16" centered). So my questions are:

1) I was planning on using unfaced batts. How do people keep them up? Something like chicken wire?

2) For such an application (fiberglass), what thickness/R value would you recommend? I think R-19 to R-25 would work, any suggestions?

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Its like what do you want it there for. Sound is all. As heat and cool there is in the house so it is no loss going up to the floors. There are wires that will hold it up for you they like go form joist to joist. Some I know take the old or new fiberglass screen and staple it to the bottom of the joist works great. Iust use the R19


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