Vapor barriers in Florida


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Vapor barriers in Florida

As a result of Hurricane Jeanne, my father's Condo is now gutted of all walls and ceiling. I put up plastic sheeting for a temporary ceiling, also thinking that this would provide a good vapor barrier when time came to install ceiling.
COndo association President tells me that I need to take plastic down before they install new ceiling. According to him, the plastic will trap moisture and cause mold. They plan on blowing in insulation on top of the ceiling drywall.
Also, on the two outside cinderblock walls, there are only firring strips. Does this space require insulation? Vapor barrier?

Tnanks for any help you can provide.
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This site discusses single Wythe (block) walls without any insulation. They discuss insulation in the attic only. This is an exception to the National Energy code. Apparently the association has decided that this is the way to go.
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You got it right.They Dont need are use V /B down here.The way I look at it it should be on the out side ,Oh well. On the P/T firring strips yes thats trhe way it is done here. They should blow a wet with glue cellulose in there on the outside walls then the drywall. You do want a R 38 in the ceilings check and make sure you have enough vents in the over hang and near the top of the roof. Dont know if you can there but a power vent fan is worth its $$$$

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Thank you to both of you!

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