Problem with Installation of chutes


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Problem with Installation of chutes

I am planning on insulating my attic with some blown in insulation. I am running into a problem where my rafters are 24 inches on center and my ceiling joists are 16 inches on center. On top of that there seems to be a cleat inbetween the rafters that prevents installation of the chutes directly against the roof. My problem is that if I try to install the chute against the roof it will run into this cleat about a foot outside the wall edge. If I try to install the chute underneath this cleat then I will run into probelms with the chute hitting the ceiling joists and also with it not being directly against the roof. House was built 1965. Live in Minnesota so I am fearful of ice dams and moisture problems. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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Blocking verses Baffles

Baffles work well against the undersides of roofs with cathedral ceilings and with the type of application you have when installing batt insulation. They do not work well in your application with loose fill insulation. The reason for this is the baffles allow the loose fill insulation to drop into the eave area and block the vent. Which defeats the purpose of the baffles.

Baffles can be used to block the loose fill insulation from dropping into the eave area by attaching them to the ends of the ceiling joists and then attaching them to the underside of the roof. Most professionals use flexible cardboard because it is easier to work with and more forgiving.

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