attic insulation


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attic insulation

I've got a 20 year old split-level house in New Hampshire. The attic has around 5 inches of blown in insulation. Seems like there should be a bunch more. Before I go out to Home Depot, rent a blower & get another 5 or 6 inches up there, is there anything I need to know? I'm new at this home-improvement stuff, so there may be some real obvious issues I'm not thinking of.

Thanks for your help! Happy New Year!
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One thing you should know is: You aren't absolutely bound to use blow in just because that's what's up there. You can buy fiberglass and roll it out across the joists.

If you are going to use blow in, make sure: 1) that you have baffles installed in the rafter spaces, going outside the the soffit area. 2) I would get some more, and double up in height on whats there, over lap them about 2" and staple em up in line with the other ones.

You may or may not need it so I want to leave no stone unturned:

baffles - thin foam air vents, usually pink or blue in color. Go up in the attic and look into the low parts of the roof, they should be coming up from there, in between the rafters.

soffit area - low part of the roof...see baffles

Anyway, you especially need to make SURE they are there, or you put them there if you are going to go with blow in, as you wont have alot of control over where the insulation goes, and it will fill all the air flow area, that you need for proper roof ventilation.

BTW, the reason for doubling up the baffles for blow in is similar to that one, whether the insulation fills the gaps where the baffles SHOULD be, or fills the baffles, the end result is the air movement. With them a little higher, it's easier to keep the blower down enough to stay out of em.
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Thanks for the advice! I'll give it a shot!

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