attic foam beads


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attic foam beads

I am considering the purchase of an older house. I am concerned about the

attic insulation. It has the usual layer of rolled fiberglass insulation, but also

has an additional 2 or 3 inches of blown-in beads of white foam. I am under

the impression that this could pose a hazard in the event of a fire. One

insulation contractor said that this is not a problem, another contractor

confirmed my worst fears and said this stuff neads to be removed. He also

said this product is only approved for use of insulating cores of cement blocks

Who's right? Thanks for your help.
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white foam beads are not good.i am ex firefighter and if you have ever seen that stuff melt and drip down or run it can get bad fast.
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attic foam beads

Thanks for your input, Robby, I'm pretty sure your right. I took a sample of

this stuff, put it in an old coffee can and put a match to it. I wouldn't

want to be within a mile of this place in the event of a fire. Lots of nasty

smoke and open flames. My problem is being able to document the fact

that this insul. doesn't belong in an attic. If I could, I think the seller of

this place would agree to have it removed, as a condition of sale.

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