Insulating Vaulted Ceiling


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Insulating Vaulted Ceiling

We have two rooms with high vaulted ceilings. There is a yellow batt insulation on these ceilings in the attic. I'm not sure what the R-value of current insulation is, but am sure it's not high enough, considering most of the rest of the house is lacking too.
If my assumption is right when I get up there to check it, is it cost effective to get more batts to make a second layer and bring it up to code...R-32 in this area of the country???
Is it as easy as buying the insulation with an R-value to bring me up, lay them out perpendicular to what's up there now, and enjoy the warm cozyness?
How does it stay in place...any other considerations?

Thank you!
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The insulation is Manville Gold Fiber Glass Building Insulation, 15 years old and is only 4 inches thick on the verticle sections of the vaults but much more fluffy on the horizontal almost 8 inches thick. There is no listing of the R-value on the facing, at least not the section I pulled out to look at.
Thoughts about r-value of existing?
If need more, how to you attach it on the verticles over existing insulation and 2x4 studs?

Rest of house is either 9-inch or 4-inch blown, which I plan to have brought up to at least R-32 soon. Baby's room is one of the vaulted ceilings, so want to get it nice and cozy...and soon!


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