replacing attic insulation


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Question replacing attic insulation

I am getting ready to re-insulate our attic (25 yr old house). Right now there is a small layer of blown-in insulation. After I have bought 24" wide rolls of R-30 faced insulation, I read somewhere here that you did not need to use faced insulation in your attic. If I don't need the facing can I still use what I bought by cutting slits in the facing. And does anyone have any tips on how to insulate over a cathedral ceiling? How do you get it up to the peak and then keep it there?

Any helpful suggestions would be appreciated.
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cathedral ceilings

Depending on the pitch of your ceiling, rolls or batts of insul. may be difficult
to install over a layer of blown-in. The loose insul. already there will act like ball bearings and the rolls of insul. will tend to slip. The rolls of insul. would have been a better idea when the house was built. Depending on the steepness of the attic in this area, one way to increase insul. depth is nail
some additional framing members perpendicular to ceiling joists, in your attic,
every few feet, creating a sort of ladder effect. Depending on how much more insul. you need, these could be 2 by 8's or greater, allowing some
portion of dimension to be let into the existing framing for strength. The
exposed portions of these members will act as a shelf to hold the new insul.
in place. Oh , by the way , the new insul. will probably need to be blown-in.
If you haven't opened all the new insul. bales, maybe you can take them back. If your attic doesn't have enough access for long 2 by 8's, try cutting them into more manageable pieces first.
Good luck
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Question faced or unfaced insulation in attic

Thank you for the tip about the cathedral ceiling.

But can I still use the 24" wide rolls of R-30 faced insulation for the rest of the attic where it is flat by cutting the slits in the facing? Or do I need to get unfaced insulation?

Thanks again.
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slits in insul.

I don't think slits would be enough, just my opinion. If it's no longer an option

to return the faced insul., I would carefully peel the backer off. It's kind of

messy, be sure to follow all recommendations about protecting yourself from

lots of airborne particles. When you strip that stuff too fast, it tends to take

a lot of insul. with it.

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