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My daughter has an older mobile home that required some plumbing repars. This entailed cutting some of the unsulation and while doing the plumbing I realized that warm air was flowing out between the flooring and the insulation. Obviously her duct work is leaking at one or more points. In order to repair the leaky ducts, I will need to cut and possibly remove some of the insulation. The current insulation is fiberglas batts supported by some type of black fiber material (similar to what is used on the underside of upholstered furniture). Is there some generally accepted method for the do-it-yourselfer to re-insulate after plumbing and HVAC repairs are completed?
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mobile homes

The newer mobile homes I've looked at all have a thick plastic vapor barrier
across the bottom. This seems to contradict the rule about vapor barriers
toward the heated side of the insul. I think the idea is to provide some support for the insul. and make it harder for mice and other pests to get in.
The problem is, this plastic barrier is apparently installed before the floorboards or the insul. is installed and under these circumstances, it would
not be practical to replace with similar material. My experience with mobile
homes is that your chances of keeping mice, etc.,outside, are slim to none,
under any circumstances. What I would do is replace the insul. as needed
(with a foil backer pointed up) and stretch rolls of chicken wire across the
bottom of the steel framing members and tie that to the steel with pieces
of mechanics wire.Another function of that thick plastic barrier on newer
homes is it stops moisture from the bare ground underneath from saturating
the insul. If you can place rolls of 4 mil plastic sheeting across the bare ground, under this mobile, it would help stop the moisture. Maybe a good
cat would keep the pest population under control. Maybe someone with
more mobile home experience could offer other advice. Good luck
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Thanks for the suggestions.

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