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Exclamation Recycled Insalation

I was at Lowes Home Improvement Store and notice an insualtion that was made up of old sheddued newspapers. It seems like its really good and easy to install. When i was talkin to one of the employees in the department he said that its perfect for attics. My friend asked him about walls, he said couldnt you just put up a plastic vapor barrier and blow the insulation in from the top (note:there is no drywall the house is a total re-do). The employee then made a comment about how plastic vapor barrier is the worst thing ever invented and is stupid. Does this make any sence to anyone, also my walls studs are 24" on center and insulating by useing this method seems to be the cheapest and most efficent. Ideas and comments please.
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I had this Cocoon Insulation installed in my attic over the existing R-19 fiberglass of unknown age. The contractor installed it for less than I could have bought the materials.

Wall insulation with this. Here is a link to the Cocoon Site video covering wall insulation when the wall is open.

Now, to cover something that the contractor said to me when I asked him about blowing the cellulose insulation in the walls of my new shop. He told me that it was too costly in terms of labor for this to be an economical project. He told me that using R-19 batt insulation would do just as well and cost less than he could spray the cellulose. I have to admit that I was a bit surprised to hear this. After all, this is the Cocoon Contractor for this area. He did not even give me a price.

I am going to have him spray the attic to R-49, when the shop is built. I suppose that I will use the batt fiberglass in the walls.

Just the same, I think that I would consider your proposal. The cocoon site covers insulating existing walls.

It seems that some variation of that approach would work well for you. I plan retro-fit the walls of my house with blown cellulose, later this year. I won't be removing the walls, just blowing the insulation through the holes.

Sorry about the links, but the video and company's information about the specific product you want tell it quite well.

Vapor barrier is a well-accepted feature of insulation. I think that the employee must have different feelings on the subject.

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