"Sun Room" Addition no insulation


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Question "Sun Room" Addition no insulation

Help! We have an addition on the back of our house one room is 15 X 15 and another is 7X7. This was, I believe, originally a concrete patio converted into a deck then, converted into a room. There is only lattice work around the bottom below the floor. There is no insulation under the floor. I can also feel cold air flowing between the floor and the walls inside the room. This room has no heat and air ducts below it, as it is an addition to the extertior of the house which is brick. What is the best way to insulate these floors and how should I enclose the crawl space below?
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sun room

I don't think insul. would be practical in this case. For one thing, it would

be nearly impossible to keep "critters" from nesting in it. Another thing is

they don't usually insulate the walls of a sunroom, either, and the windows

are usually drafty single-pane units. (The reason they call them sunrooms

is the only time you can use them is when the sun's shining) Insulating

an unheated space won't create heat, maybe a better approach is to find

a way to stuff a thick plastic membrane under there and try to keep the

wind out.
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It's kind of hard to give good advice without being able to see exactly what

your working with, but you might be able to limit the cold air circulation

in the same way as they do with mobile homes, by installing some kind of

skirting around the exterior of the wood floor framing, to the ground.

I don't know if frost is a problem in your part of the country, but keep in

mind, if it is, the frost can cause any skirting that goes to the ground, to

buckle and heave whatever the skirting is made of. If it doesn't contact

or go into the ground, it won't stop much air. Usually, when a deck is built

over a patio or porch slab, the deck extends well beyond the "footprint"

of the slab. If that is not the case here, you could bring the skirting down

from the deck floor framing and attach it to the concrete slab. If you aren't

that lucky, you could build a framework for the skirting and attach it to

treated wood posts set in the ground to the same codes required for deck

supports in your area. The skirting itself could be treated plywood and if you

paint it flat black before you put the lattice back on, that plywood will

"disappear". I guess this is getting off the subject of insul., but good luck

on this project.
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Sun Room

Thanks for the information. I think I can get by with using the footing of the previous patio, and I love the idea of painting the plywood black and attaching the lattice

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