Drafts in townhouse unit


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Drafts in townhouse unit

Good day all,

Is there anyone out there who might have an opinion on a problem I'm having in my house? I live in an interior unit townhouse. The units are 16 -17 years old and I've got a bad draft coming through the stairs of all places. The stairs are located in the corner formed by the interior wall of the back of the garage and the common wall of my next door neighbour. At times we can feel the draft in the living room.

I originally suspected that the draft was coming through the garage caused by a poor insulating and taping job of the drywall in the garage. I've gutted the garage and put in new insulation, vapour barrier and drywall. I've re-taped it all and I'm pretty sure it's sealed up tight.... However, the draft persists! I now suspect that it might be coming through my neighbours garage and through the common wall between our units.

Would blowing in some insulation through my interior wall help the situation or does anybody think it might be something more serious than that? Help...The temperature here in Ottawa has been dropping like a rock and it's currently
-28 degrees celcius with a wind chill of close to minus 40. (Minus 40 C = minus 40 F)

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do you have a home owner association?
If so contact them it might be your not the only one.
you might try removing the trim from the stairs ans caulk along the stair that should help



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