Blown in at Baseboard


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Blown in at Baseboard

OK - so no takers on my retrofit question below. I really would like to know if my existing wall insulation is cellulose or mineral wool (mostly brown & some black cottony, fluffy fiber wrapped in black tar paper), especially if there is any hazard. Another question regards installing blown in insulation in walls from the interior bottom (baseboard method). Do you attempt to snake the hose all the way up the wall and pull out as you fill, or what? Finally, isn't blown in cellulose mixed with water? Will this type dry out if put into a sealed cavity?
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wall insul.

I don't have enough experience with blown walls to answer all your

questions, but as far as "hazards", if you mean fire safety, here's what I do.

Take a handful of the insul.(without any backer material or tar paper) and put

it into a large coffee can, take it to a very safe place, like the middle of your

driveway, and light it up with a long handled gas-match. If it's safe, it should

not burn with a visible flame, but rather kind-of disintegrate and it shouldn't

produce a black, noxious smoke.

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