Hoping for quick response


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Hoping for quick response

Hi all contractor showed up to install siding vinyl during the heat wave (above freezing weather this week) He'll be there Tuesday or Wednesday.

I asked that he install as much insulation under siding as possible, as its a plater/lathe house with no interior insulation.

I plan on putting blown in insulation in now and (if I can convince hubby)adding batts of R13 when I re model interior w/ 2 x 4 & sheetrock (existing walls not true 2x4 so in addition to tearing out old walls I'd have to either add to existing 2x3 or sister 2x4)


What type of product should he be using on exterior and how high an R value should I "hope" to get.

If I opt to just blow in insulation - what about vapor barrier - there's none right?
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Though the insulation boards they install behind vynal siding has some insulating value, that is not what its primary purpose is. Vynal loses heat 2,000 times faster than wood. If the vynal was to be directly applied to the wood underlayment without the board insulation, condensation would almost be assured. Though it does have some insulating value, the rigid board insulation should be the least of your concerns. What you want is a type or thickness that would perform its primary purpose well and at the same time not to impede on the quality of installatiion. Meaning to say, the thicker the rigid board insulation is, the more difficult it is to install the vynal.

Blow in insulation is probably your best option and it would be best done prior to the installation of the vynal. True there is no vapor barrier but the several layers of paint on your plaster walls more than qualify as a vapor barrier.
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blown in

I'll use the blown in insulation - 2nd floor gutted - I can blow into 1st floor from 2nd (I've checked and its a straight clear shot down to floor on first floor) I'm putting batts on second floor).

If I end up installing 2x4 walls & insulation over existing walls on first floor this summer I'll have the blown in additional insulation.

Still looking into ceramic paint.....

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