Insulating (partially) below grade garage


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Insulating (partially) below grade garage

Cross-post from basement forum:

I have a large third stall on my garage that I'd like to insulate and run electric to. I live outside of city limits and since this is for a garage the only codes I have to follow are electric.

More background:

All garage walls are poured concrete, 8" thick.

The back wall is all but 10" below grade. One of the side walls is only partially below grade (house is built into a steep hill). The other side wall simply divides the third stall from the rest of the garage.

The concrete walls have a chalky, white coating which appears to be a Drylock type product.

On the "living" side of the house the exterior foundation walls are coated with a layer of tar. The exterior garage walls do not have this.

The ceiling is sheetrocked and insulated.

Because I'm not subject to codes and plan to do the work myself I'm having a hard time getting answers on how to do this, especially regarding vapor barriers. Oh yeah, I live in Rapid City, South Dakota so it get's cold here but there are very little moisture/ground water issues.

I'm thinking about framing out the exterior walls with metal studs and leaving a 1" air space behind it. Is this a good idea?

What should I use for vapor barriers, insulation, etc? Part of the stall will be heated with radiant heat so I'm leaning towards a foil-faced product.

Do I need to worry about having floating walls so the floor does not put pressure on the roof joists? It's an 11 year old home so I'd hope most settling has occured.

Lastly, we'll be building a room in the back of this stall that we'll be keeping warm all year round so we'd like to insulate the floor.

Will a Dricore type product be good enough or should I do something more.
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Because this garage has poured walls and partially below grade, I would

follow all the recommendations found on this site for basements and insul.

and finish the int. walls in the very same manner.

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