Insulating inaccessible 12 INCH ATTIC crawl space


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Insulating inaccessible 12 INCH ATTIC crawl space

We have a "modern" style 1950's home, with a (nearly) "flat roof" which only has a 12 inch attic space--which is not accessible from anywhere but a "vent" on the face of the home, under the eave of the roof on the outside. Here are our thoughts and issues:

#1--It is currently infested with rodents. The vent cover somehow got bent, and the previous owners did not fix it. Now, squirrels can squeeze through the hole, and an entire family is living in there.

#2--The rest of the house is not insulated, and we can assume that this has very shoddy insulating as well--plus whatever is up there has been lived in by squirrels, and probably is contaminated.

#3--We are trying to figure out if we should cut a hole through the celing in a closet to try to access it from the inside in some way--even though we could not squeeze up there.

#4--How do you insulate a space that you cannot work in? 12 inches is NOT enough room to crawl around in, and the only access is either 2 storis up, on a ladder, or by sticking your head through the ceiling (if we make a hole!)

Thank you for your thoughts and advice!
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The answer to both questions is the same, I'm afraid you'll need to tear

the ceiling down in this area. The urine contamination means you couldn't

save the drywall up there, even if it was accessible. I don't know of any

way to blow insul. into a 12'' attic and maintain any ventilation space.

Before installing new ceiling drywall, put rolls of fiberglass insul. up first.

be sure to leave a couple inches air space between the insul. and the roof

boards. Good luck Ruthie

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