Regarding Styrofoam Isulation


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Regarding Styrofoam Isulation

Has anyone ever used Styrofoam insulation? Is it cost effective? Easy to install? Any information would be greatly appreciated. RH
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I just used it to insulate under a slab. Rigid foam insulation is convenient to use where indicated, such as: crawl space walls and exterior insulation under siding. For its cost, it is quite expensive compared to fiberglass batt insulation. It is easy to work with, simple to cut or score, lightweight, easy to nail or glue. It is hard to beat when considered for its best uses.

Hope this helps.
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You didn't mention where you planned to use this insulation. Plain styrofoam

insul. is mostly designed for basement walls. A preferrence for foam would

depend on how you plan to finish the interior of the base. walls. If your plans

include framing out the walls next to the foundation with studs, then rolls of

fiberglass would be called for. Foam is usually just glued to the base. walls

and furring strips between the foam form a nailing base for your wallboard.

This method usually results in questionable looking quality and foam can't

compare to the R-value of 3 1/2'' fiberglass. If price was the primary factor,

foam is cheaper per sq. ft. Rolls of fiberglass are more prone to moisture

damage than foam, but damp basement walls will not hold the adhesive

used with foam. When given a choice of one or the other, I would go with

the fiberglass.
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I priced 2" EPS with strapping at 16" centers. I was going to strap it directly to the cement walls but then I priced the 2X4 walls with fiber glass. It was the same price with studding at 24" centers.

From what I've read and bean told, 2x4's is the way to go ... ultimately though, it up to you ... good luck.

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