Preventing fiberglass from getting wet ...


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Preventing fiberglass from getting wet ...

I'm finishing my basement. I plan to build 2x4 walls with r12 fiberglass. I will place my 2x4 walls 2" out from the cement walls to create a 2" dead air space. I know I need to vapor barrier the side facing the interior of my home (between the drywall and the studs), but I'm thinking I should vapor barrier both sides. I'm concerned that the fiberglass could fall back or slouch and then sit up against the cement walls. This would create a breading ground for mold. Other than a little extra cost, is there any reason I shouldn't vapor barrier both side.

Thanks for the help ...
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vapor barrier

Doing a vapor barrier directly on both sides of insul. is more likely to breed

mold from condensation than the scenario you mentioned. If you plan to

allow the airspace, I would do the other V.B. directly to the basement wall.

It's possible to develope condensation between the V.B. and the wall too.

If condensation is a big problem in your basement, I would be inclined to do

the air gap thing, use the V.B. at inside only and use one or more dehumid-

ifiers in the basement.

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