Polyurethane question


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Polyurethane question

I have a 1850 Victorian with no insulation in the walls. In fact, there is not even any sheathing on the house - the clapboards are applied directly to the studs. I'd like to add insulation, but blown-in seems like a poor option since I would not be able to add a vapor barrier and I think it would tend to get wet due to the fairly leaky clapboards. Also, it would be a mess if/when I eventually replace the plaster on the interior.
The Polyurethane slow-rise foams seem like a decent option, but are prohibitively expensive and I can't find anyone to do it in my area. I have some experience with the "pour foam" type urethane foam used in boatbuilding (such as this stuff: http://www.fiberglasssupply.com/Prod...pour_foam.html) As far as I can tell, it's the same stuff but without the fancy dispensing equipment. It would be time-consuming to mix and install, but is pretty cost-effective. My concern would be that it might not have the fire retardants, etc that building insulation would have. Anyone have any ideas on this?
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Before I got 1/2 way through your question, the fire safety issue occurred

to me. I would bet that urethane products of this type are not only not

fire- resistant, but would create a toxicity concern inside the house, as well.
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Our slow rise foam is made for exactly such a situation, and is no more flammable than fiberglass or other insulation materials.

And there is no harmful offgassing with our product.


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