Insulation in Walls


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Insulation in Walls

I recently purchased my first home and it is a fixer-upper. I noticed soon after I purchased the home there was no insulation in the walls. I play to blow insulation into the walls.
I was wondering if I could blow the insulation in from the attic. I planned on drilling from the top of the walls. My question is, will the insulation fall to the floor? I realize where there are outlets, the insulation may not fall to the floor, but will it in the rest of the wall.
The reason I am not having it blown in through the outside is because I do not have the equipment to do it. I live on a side hill and would have difficulty doing it alone.
I would appreciate any advice.
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Doing it from the attic is the hardest way to blow-in insulation and the least effective for the do-it-yourselfer. The outlets are only one thing that the insulation may get hung on, such as bracing. You would be surprized on the things I found inside walls.

You may want to consider blowing it in from inside the house.
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How exactly is this done? Both professionaly and by a DIY'er?

Are we talking removing the siding off of your house, cutting holes, filling, patching, replacing siding?
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Home depot and lowes have the blower you can rent. Then blow cellulose insulation in. You put the hole plug back in tape and mud it up later on. If you are going to rework the siding then do it from the outside.

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So you cut a hole on the inside every 18 inches? Between the studs I mean.

Any issues with the insulation getting stuck on cross braces, wiring, etc?

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