Need to insulate my exterior walls.


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Need to insulate my exterior walls.

The exterior walls to our house are not insulated and we are looking to get insulation blown in. I am going to call around for quotes but was hoping someone here would be able to give me a general cost. The total square foot of wall surface of the house only is 2,160 s.f. The total square foot of wall surface (not including common wall with house) of the garage is roughly 500 s.f. We have a 28' x 26' 2-story house with a 22' x 22' attached garage.

Are we looking around $1,500? $5,000? $10,000??

I'm guessing they would make the holes on the exterior as we do not have siding and plan to get it in the future.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Blown in insulation

Costs of material and labor tend to vary from area to area. Costs will also vary depending on type and amount of materials.
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You may want to research another alternative. We use a multi-ceramic insulation coating which in your case where you wish to contain heat in the winter you would apply it to the interior side of your exterior walls and ceilings. This of course is depending on how your interior is finished. It is only about 10 mils thick when dry. That's about as thick as a business card. What I like is the fact that it addresses all three forms of heat transfer unlike other insulations which are designed to address one or two. Do a google search for SUPER THERM. There are a number of websites now throughout N America.

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