baffles question


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baffles question

baffles question

Do I need to add baffles to my rafters to keep the insulation off my roof by 1"?

I would like to add insulation and paneling to my attic ceiling (everything else is done to make it living space). I don't have much room, the rafters are 2x4's (real 2x4's). I have just enough space to use 3 1/2" insulation but it is close (in keeping with that 1" airspace between the roof and the insulation).

I don't have soffit vents, I do have roof vents. Is it going to be a problem installing the insulation without something to make sure that there is 1" of airspace? Do I have to have soffit vents? My house is old and has that great "leaky construction" to help vent it!

I don't know if this will make any difference at all but in the attic the knee walls are furred out and finished and insulated; behind there are open rafters.

Thanks for sharing your insulation knowledge!
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This is a fairly easy to read lecture on ventilation. You want to read the section on types of vents. For the lower vents you can install drip edge vents or vents on the outer walls behind your knee wall area. Install baffles between the roof decking and insulation to assure air flow from the lower vents to your higher vents on the roof.
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built up sheathing...

thanks for the response. I have another question you may know the answer to. It seems as though my roof sheething has been "built up" (or at least I think it has). There are 1x6 planks nailed to my rafters with about 4" of space between them. Then the roof sheathing is nailed to those planks. If I have 1.5" in the space where those "built up" planks aren't and 1" where they are will I be okay just installing the insulation (without baffles). Would the "built-up" planks will keep the insulation off the sheathing and thus I would not need baffles?

But, I guess theory has it that I would still need to add some type of soffit vent or drip edge vent or the like. I guess the "leaky construction of an old house would not be enough to move air up to my roof vents?


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