Radiant barrier, removable for seasons


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Radiant barrier, removable for seasons

I live in the northeast, and a radiant barrier (for instance, tacked to the rafters under the roof) is usually not done because of the desired heat gain for the winter time. What if I were to have a system, where I can, for instance, have a foilbublewrap sheet on a roller, where I could unroll it and tack it up each spring, and untack it every fall and roll it up to the side, to get the best of both worlds. Is this a dumb idea, or something worth doing?
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In some of the gov. www. the R/B Is not worth the work of putting it up Dust on it stops it from doing anything. Insulation there in the attic and good vents for the attic is what pays An attic vent fan helps a lot also. The vents and fan will do a lot more good than that R/B

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Dust stops it?

My understanding is that the radiant barrier is used to stop IR or radiant energy.

If the dust absorbs the radiant energy I could see it diminishing the usefullness of the barrier. I'm just not sure that dust is going to be a factor.

I've read pros and cons on the subject.

I'd be interested in seeing the sites you refer to for further study.

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