basement wall insulation


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basement wall insulation

We are finishing our basement with 2x4 framing. A quarter of the basement will be an unfinished furnace room. We plan on using Kraft-faced fiberglass batts for all of the outside walls in the finished area. The basement remodel books all recommend insulating the partition walls between the unheated, unfinished area and the heated, finished area of the basement. What is the best way to insulate these partition walls? We are concerned with both energy savings as well as soundproofing since the furnace blower is rather loud.

If we use Kraft-faced fiberglass insulation on those walls, I assume the paper would face the heated side of the wall as usual. What should be done on the other side of the wall that faces the unfinished furnace room? We don't want to drywall that side of the wall, but don't know if we can leave the fiberglass batts exposed.

Thank you for any advice!
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First you have to check with your local building department on exposed fiberglass insulation adjacent to combustion appliances. Most towns require it be covered with a fire retardant material, such as 5/8" sheetrock.

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