Edge of Attic, 6" Clearance... How to insulate?


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Edge of Attic, 6" Clearance... How to insulate?

On one side of our house, we have about a 4 foot section that the ceiling is sloped. The roof matches this slope.

The only space the is the height of the 2x6 boards running down the roof. Roof sheeting on one side, wallboard ceiling on the other.

If I fill these crevices, I'll block the soffit vents. If I put guards infront of them, 4 feet along the edge of my house isn't insulated.
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That's a dilly of a pickle...

I have a similar situation (not a project I'm tackling) but the only way out I see would be to insulate anyway, thus blocking the soffit vents, and installing new vents in the main part of the attic. Another option would be to install some tubes that create an airway between the two areas, such a few pvc pipes or maybe insulated ductwork.
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they make plastic "trays" you can insert in those sections to create a small air gap for ventilation. Insert them next to the roof. Any home improvement store should carry them.


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