Blown in insulation, how much is enough?


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Blown in insulation, how much is enough?


I have a 30 year old brick ranch house in Atlanta, about 2,000sf with a full basement.

I want to add a attic fan and more insulation.

So, how much is enough to add?

Do I add R-13, R-19 or R-25. Home Depot gives me the amount to add but I do not want overkill.
Here is what it cost to add the additional:

R-13 $253 R-19 $366.50 R-25 $586

At what amount am I wasting dollars on insulation?
Thanks and take care,
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The cost of the insulation itself is not a determining factor when it comes to the cost effectiveness of insulation. It is the installation costs that will determine it. Since you intend to do it yourself, the more insulation the better.
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I like Owens-Corning Pink Blown Insulatuion for overall average Home use. Insulating your attic area,the Ceiling joists should be covered.But,
you have to have propper ventalation throughout the home.Such as your
Kitchen Stove's Hood should be ventalated to the outside.Just like your dishwasher,clothes dryer,bathroom showers should also be ventaletd to the outside or your home. If you do'nt have propper ventalation,the excess moisture builds up and could cause damage like,Mold,Mildew and even eventual Rotting{slow,but sure}.And that's why alot of Homes/Buildings have Peeling Paint also.

If you use Blown Pink Fiberglass Insulation on the inbetweens of the Roofs Rafters,you must first staple a light cloth or nylon mesh,etc. accross the entiety of the Inside of the Roof{Attic Ceiling ?}.Staple a few lengths acrossed the Roofs rafters and blow in the insulation as you go?

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