High Humidity


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High Humidity

I have moved into a newly built home on 5/27 and have since noticed that the humidty never drops below 70% and has been as high as 82%. The AC keeps the temp at 70 but doesn't seem to be able to drop the humidity. I suspect there is no vapor barrier in the attic. It has what I think is called Feather Lite insulation....it is a white fluffy substance. Is there a way to now put a vapor barrier over the blown in insulation? Would adding batts with a barrier on them be a wise solution. I have used vapor barrier paint in the past but this house has the popcorn ceiling and suspect I would create quite a mess. Thanks for any help>>>!!!
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If you just turned on the AC in a new home it will take some time for it to dry out. Just let the AC run. Everything in the home is new wet and green right now. Might let the fan run 24/7 for a time to help out here. Its more in the winter time you think about V/B. For sure dont put batts with a V/B over what you haveup there now.

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we have been running it pretty much 24/7 since 5/27. We like to keep the temp at 70 but we'll let it run for a while and see what happens. Thanks for the info....!!!
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Ed is correct about leaving the fan on 24/7. There is a good chance you A/C is oversized. Droppping the temperature and not removing enough of the humidity in the air as it passes through your evaporator coil is an indication that the system may be oversized. It takes a shorter time for an A/C to drop the temperature of air than it is for it to remove the humidity from that same air. When a system is oversized, the house air does not pass through the evaporator enough times to effectively remove the the humidity in the house air before you reach your desired room temperature.

What Ed and I are saying is, if you set your thermostat from the "AUTO" setting to the "ON" setting, that this will keep house air moving through the evaporator coil, which will extract the humidity from the house air. Even if you have already reached your desired room temperature.

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