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I have a 6 year old house, it was built by an individual not a company. I checked the crawl space and it is mostly insulated and it has the insulation with the paper side down (towards the dirt, away from floor), and a lot of staples. It is R30 and there is a thin plastic covering the dirt. Seams very dry. What problems if any will it cause to leave the insulation paper down and what is the main reason you put paper towards the inside of the house.

Thanks, all input appreciated.

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The sections on this page you want to read are; "Thermal Moisture Dynamics" and "Perm Ratings" .
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Well to answer my last question, "What would happen if you leave the insulation with the vapor barrier facing the ground in the crawlspace". Well it seems that the builder never hooked up a drain from the a/c to go outside and now the vapor barrier of the insulation is soaked and moldy, and the plastic has a nice puddle.

The insulation part seems dry, so can I take it all out let it dry and put it back correctly or is it ruined? It isn't extremely moldy, just slightly. I live in a humid enviornment, so I am sure that doesn't help.

Thanks for any input.

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Another Question

Drying it won't kill the mold.

You can use chemicals (acids, bleach) to kill the mold, but with the proper conditions, the spores that are not killed will hatch out into a fresh batch of mold. The proper conditions I referred to are moisture (which you have) and food (cellulose, wood, etc.) which you probably have.

Considering the climate, I would personally trash the insulation rather than go through all the work and end up with another problem.

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Thanks, I just hate to think of spending 600 to 700 if I can go work and save the money. It was very dry under there over all.

I just may look into mold killers, but I know that could be a huge problem if any moisture comes back.

Thanks for the input. Anyone else?????

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