Basement Insulation


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Question Basement Insulation

I'm going to be finishing my basement into a family/T.V. room. For sound deadening I'll be using fiberglass bats in the ceiling but I'm curious as to what type to use in the walls.
The house is only 1 year old and has no water problems. I keep a dehumidifier in the basement set at 60% humidity and it's dry, and the foundation, outside, was sprayed with a sealer. I'll be using metal studs to frame. What would be better/best to insulate the walls, fiberglass bats or should I use the rigid foam boards? Is it just preference or is one better than the other? Will I need to put in a vapor barrior?
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Batt over Rigid

If you will be stud framing the exterior walls then I would recommend the batt insulation, as the equivalent R-value rigid insulation is far more expensive. Also rigid insul. is more for applications where using studs is not possible. Such as when you want to add insulation to your existing houses walls, you do not what to rip open your drywall or exterior sheathing you simply attach the rigid insulation to your existing sheathing and install your exterior finish.
It is also easier to run your electrical wiring with batt insul. then having to cut or melt a trench into rigid insul for your wiring.
As far as whether you need a vapour barrier or not, vapour barrier is a must. It prevents the moist warm air on the inside of the wall to meet with cool dry air on the outside of the wall and condinsating (creating water) inside of the wall and rotting your wood. It is also when moisture builds up inside of the wall that mold and bacteria can grow and create a harmful enviroment for your family.
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Basement Insulation

Ifr you are usung steel studs you will have to isolate them from the concrete floor or you will have a pile of rust.

Try a PT 2x4 plate


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