insulation for a metal building


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insulation for a metal building

I have a 48x24 metal building that i need to insulate the sides, the metal
studs are 5 foot between centers. The insulation you get @ hardware stores
are only about 24" wide max, is there any way to spray a adheasive that
will hold strips of these in place or is there a better (wider) product?
Also i need to insulate a lot of small 1" holes that the ridges leave, but dont want the ugly tan colored spray foam (great stuff). Is there any spray foam
that is colored white? This is the color of the inside of my metal sheeting.
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Om the insulation - I forget the manufacturer (it may be Dow), but I have seen those aluminum faced boards in 4X8, in all kinds of R-values. They can be adhered with construction adhesive. Check Home Depot and make sure the shiny side faces in.

On the foam in a can, look into one that can be painted Or maybe, trimmed flat and covered with aluminum tape to match the boards. Too many options here. Good luck

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