Should I insulate my basement ceiling?


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Should I insulate my basement ceiling?

I have a full basement that is not finished. It also hold my heating source a boiler for a basboard hot water heating system. Currently there is no insulation in the ceiling/floor of the house. The house have full wall-towall carpeting except for the kitchen and one small bathroom. Would it make sense to insualte the ceiling and trpa the heat generated by the heating system? Or should I just insulate the areas under the kitchen and bathroom?? Hot air rises so I expect there is some benfit to no insulation. The only thing we have in the basement is the washer and dryer and a bunch of stuff we dont use much. Keeping the basement warm is not an issue. Thanks.
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Since your not concerned

about keeping the basment warm I think it is a waste of time and money to do the ceiling. You should insulate the walls of the basement if your going to finish it.

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