3 insulation issues, help please.


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3 insulation issues, help please.

Hi all, my 200 year old barn with a 1970's addition and one addition we just finished has insualation issues.
1. The original house sits on ledge and has about an 18 inch crawl space. There is lots of old rot under the house that has been fixed over the years with sistered boards. However, the original problem, which is water leaking under the house, is still there, and needs to be addressed once and for all. I plan to put in french drains on the oustside of the foundation, but need to know what best to do on the inside. The foundation is rubble (lose rocks) and so cannot easily be insulated with sheet product. Due to the rot, I do not want to put insualtion in the joists. However, last winter it was a wind tunnel under the house, so insulation is definitley needed. I was going to put down plastic on the ground and insulate the foundation, but that was before I realized it's rubble. What kinds of options do I have here?

2. The 1970 addition has insualtion falling from the joists and needs replacing. I intend to replace it with encapsulated insulation. However, should I include an additional vapor barrier of 6 mil plastic? If I staple it up under the joists, am I going to have a problem, or should I just put plastic on the ground?
Also, to my surprise, I noticed a heater in the crawl space (fins over the copper heating supply pipe). What was the thinking on that one? I know now why I had such a problem keeping the place warm last winter!

3. My new addition was insulated, but all my water pipes run through the space. I am thinking of putting insulation around the foundation walls and a vapor barrier on the floor. I am really concerned about freezing water pipes. I had the problem twice last year (before addition was added)

Any help on these issues would be greatly appreciated. I need to get a handle on this before the winter season is upon us!
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If I had your situation I would control the water first. Put in the vapor barrier being careful not to puncture it on the rubble. If you find yourself puncturing the VB while installing it, you might consider putting it over some rigid foam to protect it. Make the VB continuous. I would cut rigid insulation to fit inside the foundation walls. I would make two passes around the wall with one inch foam board cut to fit with overlapped seams. Use silicone calk to glue the panels together. That would cut the drafts, but you should probably make certain that there is adequate ventillation. Finally, I would apply foam pipe insulation to the hot and cold water pipes, and insulate the rim or band joists around the perimeter.
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I was thinking about using a sprayon foam on the rubble walls. I would need to contract this out. Migt this solve the problem or create more?

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