Sealing/Insulating a fireplace


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Sealing/Insulating a fireplace

We have a wood burning fireplace that we don't use. In the winter, this is a source of heat loss. There is a damper in the chimney stack that we have closed off but it does not provide an air tight seal. There is no sealed glass enclosure around the fireplace. Just a metal chain curtain.

How can we seal/insulate this in the winter? In the past, I have used the plastic shrink film used for windows, however this doesn't stick too well to the ground around the fireplace since its brick, plus its not very visually appealing.


Cross posting from the Fireplace forum because I'm not getting a response there.
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You should be able to get something that you can stick up the chimney that will block the air almost entirely. If you really want an airtight seal, caulk around the foam block. It should peel off easily when you decide to remove it.

If you can't find a pre-made foam chimney insert, try a foam shop.

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