Insulation on 24" centers


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Insulation on 24" centers

I want to put insulation in a cabin. The cabin is older and the ceiling rafters are on 24" centers. The roof is steep and it has an upstairs so insulation on the floor will not work. I intend to sheetrock the ceiling after I insulate it. What is an acceptable way to insulate this as most insulation is for 16" walls. I prefer not to blow in the insulation if I can help it. Thanks in advance for your help.
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Insulation on 24" centers

How about extruded polystyrene and then add the sheet rock?

The real insulating value is much higher than a fiberglas system with a similar or higher R-value due to the elimination of air infiltration and the heat loss through the studs (you see those patterns on a cool morning).

You will also be able to maintain good vetilation between the roof and insulation, which is always difficult with fiberglas. This could be a big plus if you are concerned with snow and ice dams.


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