Condensing Insulation


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Condensing Insulation

If we have insulation that is designed for 2 x 6's that is R19 in it okay to snug it in place (condensing the insulation) to fit in 2 x 4's? I realize that if you squish insulation in a tight space the R-value is lowered. Thanks!
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For the insulation to function efficiently, it cannot be condensed. If you compress it, or if the drywall compresses it, then it will no longer function as it was designed.

You are better off installing R-13 which is designed for 2x4s.
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Okay thanks, we'll get the right kind.

Also does the ceiling really require a huge R-value compared to the rest of the walls?

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Depends entirely on where you live.
Search this forum for similar questions.

You'll see the recommended ceiling insulation ranges from R13 to R40 depending on climate.
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Go to to learn about insulation. Click the Insulation Calculator and type in your ZIP for recommended amount of insulation in your area.

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