Sound deading/insulation


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Sound deading/insulation

We are looking for suggestions on how best to deaden sound between our bedroom edition, and the old bedroom area. We are putting in a dividing wall, making the bedroom edition the master bedroom and the old portion the new computer room. Thanks.

Kelly and Jim
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Hi Kelly & Jim,
The best thing affordable for sound deadening is rockwool, sometimes called acoustical fire blanket or sound atenuation fire blanket. A local insulation supply distributor should carry it. Some product manufacturers are Roxul, IIG & Thermafiber. 3 or 3.5" should work fine.
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Sound deading/insulation

One other thing you can do is build the divider wall with staggered 2x4 studs on a 2x6 plate (Just a few more studs). The sound tranmission through the studs is eliminated. This also eliminates the "drum" effect a stud wall can have (important for low frequency noise). Normal fiberglass 6" can be used (placed horizontally) since the crushing can ruin thermal properties but does not diminish sound properties.

One other thing for all walls is to make sure there are no two outlets on opposite sides of the wall in the same stud cavity.

If you really want to kill the sound transmission, a thin sheet of lead works everywhere.


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