Crawl Space Conduct


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Crawl Space Conduct

Good Day,

First time home owner to 25 year-old seashore townhome on barrier island.

My 35' X 17' dirt crawl space is misbehaving. Musty kitchen cabinet, closets and esp. in damp whether the entire downstairs. Hanging insullation, 1/2 broken front vent and overly exposed back access door. Damp, stinky and producing the largest centipedes I've ever seen!

Researched options and had a recent consultation which sounds good, however, pricey. Method completely seals floor, walls and vents encapulating crawl space in layered polyethylene to limit air access. Drain piping will be installed along perimeter of space leading to sump pump. Any water that enters will lie below polyethylene layer. If water overflows layer, outer drain on sump pump will discard water.

Any thoughts on this process? If leary, is there an approachable, fairly simple, affordable method for a gal who is squimish about the crawl space to resolve on my own?

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Site conditions usually determine the appropriate course of action. The best advice here is for your to ask your neighbors what they have done with their crawl spaces. You will find out that they have experienced the same problems you are now experiencing. Also they will give you insights or things to avoid. Especially those things they tried and did not work
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Crawl Space Conduct

That sounds like a first class, bells and whistles approach that should help.

All barrier islands are sand and there is nothing to separate your living area from the water a few feet below the floor of your crawl sapce.

I understand your fear of the unknown, have spent a while that close to the water. Hermit crabs will help with the centipedes, but the like to return to the beach too often. Heavy plastic over the crawl space floor will reduce the humidity of the area at a low cost. Repair your vents so you can control the vetilation and then you will be able to take advantages of the breezes to keep the moisture levels down. Despite your location, the humidity is not as high as some people think. The flatlanders west of you don't have the breeze, so they have to live with the humidity that can linger without a breeze.


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