Heated Porch - does crawlspace need insulation?


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Question Heated Porch - does crawlspace need insulation?

Hello -- My back porch is heated with a wood floor -- above ground about 3ft - with cement foundation -- I am able to get at the crawlspace which is vented with a dirt ground.... I live in Albany NY.

My friends tell me if I put insulation under the wood floor my porch will stay much warmer. Seems to me some people say that is good - other people say it won't make much difference and it will cause a moisture problem.

I've never done insulation before -- but I am more than willing to go for it...

Any suggestions?

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Yes you should insulate the floor. The thermal boundary separates a heated (conditioned) space from an unconditioned (crawl) space. As far as it causing a moisture problem, the insulation would not be the cause nor the source. Having the vapor barrier facing the upwards, a moisture barrier (plastic sheeting) over the dirt and adequate ventilation will address possible moisture problems that may occur.
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Heated Porch - does crawlspace need insulation?

Cover the dirt floor with heavy poly. It will cut off a major source of moisture with no disadvantages.

An additional benfit is that it could prevent high moisture levels in the fiberglass that would reduce the insulation value of the fiberglass if you do decide to insulate the porch floor.


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