Sticking rigid foam board to foam board


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Sticking rigid foam board to foam board

Can anyone suggest what type of adhesive is best for sticking rigid foam insulation board to another rigid foam insulation board? I recently was able to find this and have it shipped at considerable expense, but unfortunately they only had the 1 inch stuff, and I need two inches of it at least. I have PL300 to stick it to the wall, but am unsure whether that will do a good job of sticking them together as well. Thanks!
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Sticking rigid foam board to foam board

Read the label on the adhesive (usually sold in tubes). Some construction adhesives will "melt" the foam.There are adhesives made specifically for foam. You must follow the timing and seqence of the steps to get the best results. You could also try ordinary white or yellow glue if you don't need a lot of strength and water resistance.

The best construction adhesive will depend on the type of foam. There are two different types"

1. Expanded polystyrene - Sometines referred to a "beadboard". Coffee cups and coolerd are made from it. It is weaker and usually lighter in weight and is white. If you look closely, you can see individual beads that are stuck together.

2. Extruded polystyrene - Usually is colored depending on the manufacturer (blue, pink, yellow). It is stiffer and is usually used in construction. It is homogenous with very fine cells.

Some adhesives will "melt" the foam. Just try some on a scrap.


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