R-13 fiberglass in basement may have mold


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R-13 fiberglass in basement may have mold

In my unfinished basement, some of the R-13 fiberglass (on the exterior wall) is black. I think itís mold.

Should I clean off the plywood and 2x4s, which are between the fiberglass, even if they arenít black with mold? What should I use to clean them?
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Konrad Fischer
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Moldy insulation, a typical case,

because the lightweight insulation has no capillar activity, what means this materials will never dry out the condensate and damp, in spite of all vaporproofs, which will be moistured and moldy after some time as all experience proves. It is possible that allergy and asthma follows. Take it out carefully, and then do only solid materials instead. They will work best as thermal insulation and can stand the condensate, because they do dry out.

Besides the lightweight insulation is not able to stop IR radiation, which is responsible for about 99% of the thermal losses. Only solid materials like wood and stone can stop thermal losses. The fairy tales about heat conductivity you should not believe in. They are told from insulation industries and their fellows. In the 'Lichtenfelser Experiment' we experienced the opposite reality.

Your not molded plywood you can use furtherwards. Clean it with cheap spirit alcohol, this will take out all the water from the mold spores. But be careful, it is inflammable...
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Unless you see/feel the moisture, I tend to think that "black" insulation is caused by air movement (kinda acting as an air filter) around it? Is this insulation near any air vents?
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Plywood? Where is the plywood on your basement walls??
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Fiberglass insulation does not support mold

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