Is there a way to get insulation behind floor trim?


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Is there a way to get insulation behind floor trim?

Here's the problem. Last year I had some hardwood floors redone in my home. On the landing leading upstairs (which is an exterior wall) where I removed the trim you can feel a steady stream of cold air flowing in from the space between where the wall meets the floor. This cools off the entire living room and the thermostat is right at the bottom of the stairs so it can't be good for my heating bill.

What I'm wondering is if there's a way to get some insulation in that gap between the wall and floor before I put the trim back up? The gap is very small and it seems like it would be tough to do. I did have some windows installed this year and I watched the guy install them and what he did was take a small strip of insulation and wedge it in the small gap between the wall and window. I was thinking about doing something like that, but I'm not sure if the insulation will compact enough to get into that very narrow space. I'm also guessing that just putting the trim up without any insulation won't do me much good either. Does anyone have any ideas about this?
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Would compacted insulation really work? Seems to me most types of fibre insulation work by trapping air. Have you thought about caulking the gap before replacing the trim?
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Briefly, but I decided against it because I thought it would make too much of a mess of my floors. When I say its a small gap its a really small gap, probably only 2-3mm at the most.
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I'm sorry but it seems like 2-3mm gaps dont cool down entire rooms.
Depending on how tall your base molding is you should probably cut the sheet rock up the wall about 2" to expose the wall cavity and see if your problem isnt more thana little crack. At that point you will be able to properly place insullation in the wall, put back the excavated sheetrock, and replace your moldings with evident damage.

and if thats to much and your sure its just the crack. use acrylic caulk, and keep a wet rag handy. it will take up any excess caulk with no damage to the floor at all.

good luck, and choose wisely.
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Well here's the other problem. The house is 80 years old so there's no sheetrock, just plaster. And furthering the problem is the fact that there's already base molding down (it probably goes 5" up the wall), its just the finishing trim that needs put back up.

And you're right, it doesn't cool off the whole room, but it sure doesn't help the fact that the thermostat is only 10' away and below where all this cold air is pouring in.

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