Removing insulation...


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Removing insulation...


I will be removing pink fiberglass insulation from between my attic rafters. Does anyone have any advice in terms of doing this with the least agitation of the fiberglass? I would prefer as little of this stuff in airborne as possible.

Also, we have some standard white breathing masks, as well as disposible gloves. Everyone will be wearing old clothes, long sleeves, etc.

Anything else we should be doing/planning for?

Thanks much for any advice!
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I just removed a whole bunch of old Corning insulation and I gotta tell you, that stuff gets brittle and flys all over the place. I would als recommend:

1. latex gloves
2. hat
3. protective eyewear (like your eye glasses)
4. decent respirator

I know the respirator is more expensive , but trust me, papermasks do not work!

For removing insulation:

1. bring up lots of black garbage bags to bag the old insulation as you work through them. Piling them in one corner and bagging them later generates more dust
2. close doors to all rooms
3. turn off the forced HVAC (if you have one)

oh yeah, make sure to carry extra latex gloves on you as you will invariably rip them while working. and install those ridge vents before you install the new insulation.

have fun
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Excellent Advice

I am still coughing up crap from doing it with a paper mask 8 weeks ago.
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Read the packaging on the bag of tells you what type of mask is needed for the install.

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