Insulation question/help


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Insulation question/help


I am new here and could use some help.

I own a home in Tucson AZ built in 1967...seems to have no insulation.

It is a brick house with no attic/crawlspace where I can get at to insulate. Just high ceilings that follow the shape of the roof like an A frame.

Basically, it has vaulted ceilings but I am sure no insulation.

So...I want to insulate.....what do I use? Since there is only the space between the sheet rock and the I have to rip out all the sheet rock and staple in fiberglass insulation and then re-sheetrock the whole mess?

Any help is appreciated and I am very mechanically able...just never dealt with something like this before.


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Cellulose Ceiling Insulation

I would highly recommend you consult several good insulation contractors first. That being said, take a coat hanger that you have cut apart and poke a small hole with it in the ceiling. Insert the hange as far into the ceiling as you can. Put a small piece of tape (or use your finger) to mark the spot where the wire stops. Measure it! that will give you an idea of how much space you have to insulate. Most roof rafters are at least 2x6 (depending on their span) and many are 2x12, especially in older homes. You can buy cellulose in bulk bags and rent a blower. Then using a hole saw, cut a 2" hole in the sheetrock (or plaster?) wall. Insert the hose into the cavity and blow your insulation. You might want to use a towel or rag around the hole to seal the hose as best you can to eliminate as much blow back as possible. You can purchase 2" tapered wooden plugs to fill the hole you just created and tap the plug into the hole gently until you have placed it about 1/8" below the finished wall. Back fill the plug with spackling, let it dry for 24 hours and then apply texture to match the finish. It sounds harder than it really is. In Tuscon, Arizona you would need less insulation than I needed in the mountains of Colorado.
Good Luck!

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