Insulating rafters in Attic


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Insulating rafters in Attic

I have insulated one side of the attic ceiling ok using 22" wide insulation (with vapour barrier). All ok.

The other side of the attic has wider rafters and the 22" isn't wide enough so the insulation falls down.

Any ideas what I can do? Staple? I want to get this right.


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Attic Insulation

I would highly recommend blown in cellulose. We just had a contractor blow in cellulose to our home this weekend. The difference was immense and immediately noticable. We live in the mountains of Colorado. In many cases cellulose will give you a better insulation value than most other insulation. The reason I would recommend loose fill is first, loose fill insulation will find its way into cracks and crevises that batts will not fill. Second, loose fill cellulose is not as nasty to handle during installation. Be sure to seal ANY penetrations in the framing (ie: electrical wiring or plumbing) before you insulate. Sealing your home is very important before you insulate. Seal along any partition walls in the attic on both sides between where the sheetrock meets the framing as it ties into the ceiling. I used expanding foam which you can purchase at any building supply. Also seal bathroom fans where they fit into the sheetrock and any electrical outlets between the sheetrock and the electrical box. If you do this before you insulate it is much easier to seal your home properly. Then blow in your insulation of choice. Cellulose is generally cheaper, will give you at least as good or better than fiberglass insulation values and and will settle into places fiberglass batts will not.
Here are some great web sites to look at:
Good luck

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