Recommendations plz


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Recommendations plz

This is my second time trying to post. Hope it works. I just joined this forum!

I have a bedroom (br) that is above an unheated garage. A portion of the br floor is exposed to the garage and a portion of the br walls are exposed to the garage.

Floor: The original owner just cramed some silver sided fiberglass insulation up between the 2x12 floor joists. It's lose and torn. I'll just pull out the old and do what ever you all think is best for sealing and for insulation. The exposed floor area is about 10' x 12'. So when looking up at the exposed wood of the br floor . . .what goes up first?

Walls: The exposed 2x4 walls have insulation then have a 3/4 inch or so of some type of a brownish fiber board nailed over the exterior of the exposed portions of the walls. What is the best approach to sealing and improving the insulation in these walls?? Added foam boards? TYVEX (sp)??

Thanks in advance
Fulton, NY (very cold and lots of snow)
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If using fiberglass insulation with vapor retarder attached, the vapor retarder will go toward the heated floor above.
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Tx for the response . . . How do you seal the vb if you have to put the vb in first?? Would it be best to staple and tape in a poly vb then fiberglass and then tyvek(sp)?

I'm surprized at the lack of replys to my post!
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I would use 6mil poly as this is the best VB and I would install as you mentioned.
You don't need Tyvek as this product is for exterior walls to help prevent drafts from entering the home. You wouldn't get any drafts from inside the garage.

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