Insulated Door Required?


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Insulated Door Required?

I'm building out the upstairs of my garage into an effeciency apartment and as such redoing the stairway to provide an entry hall on the first floor of the garage. The entry hall will have a door directly to the outside and another door going into the uninsulated garage. I know I need an exterior door for the opening to the outside ... But do I need an interior or exterior door for the opening into the uninsulated and unheated garage? Thanks.
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Insulated Door Required?

The insulation may be more of a comfort and cost issue. There may also be a local code requirement that you should check out locally.

You are required to have a fire separation between the garage and any living area. This means one of the doors must be fire rated. Usually, the door leading out of the garage that is in a fire rated wall (5/8 sheet rock) is the most conventient. This is a safety issue AND a code issue.

Perhaps your configuration does not need it, but you should check it out.


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