water on walls


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water on walls

Hello, I have a 2 family rental up and down. They are identical in layout. Both have hotwater baseboard and 4 north facing exterior walls. The bottom apartment has no problem. The upstairs apartment has water on one wall really bad, worse in the closet, and water slighty on another. THe room with the bad situation is the furtherest west and slight situation is the furtherest east. The 2 rooms in between these 2 have no problems at all. The exterior of the house is brick and the walls are sheetrock. The house is in New York. I bleached out mold and painted over the summer and re-tarred the roof over the worst affected room. The tenant has informed me that there is no problem after a storm or in the summer. Is this a insulation problem??? Thank you in advance for your Help!!!!!!! Thanks again Eric
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If the wall is sweating then yes it is
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water on walls

I would guess that your roof re-tarring did not fix the problem that caused the previous mold.

You have too much water and it could be coming from a leak, from condensation or both. Water from a leak can get is a wall and ruin the insulation. This gives you a cold wall that can have condensation on it.

Is there any way you can tell if the roof or flashing leak was really fixed?

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Dick, It looked ok before I did it. I just did it because I thought it was the problem.. Any 9ideas .Thanks eric

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