Bathroom coldest room in the house


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Bathroom coldest room in the house

I have recently remodeled my bathroom and it still seems to be the coldest room in the house. It is only exposed to the outside brick wall on one side, and I recently replaced the windows (they seem to be doing well). The bathroom is over a crawl space which has been insulated with the exception of the cast iron tub and shower stall. Could this lack of insulation be the problem and can I insulate the tub and shower stall? Do you think that this would make a difference?

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I have a freezing bathroom too, and its rather keeping me from installing that new hottub I want. In my case, there's no insulation in the walls, though I added ceiling insulation. I discovered that its cold not only because its a small corner room but also because there's no proper way for warm air from the rest of the house to circulate into that room. Its own radiator is not big enough to keep the room to the same temp. So, my way of keeping the toilet seat tolerable is to keep the door open as much as possible, so at least some warm air can get in there.

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Insulate, and if that doesn't help, air seal.

Or insulate and air seal at the same time.

Make sure air sealing covers where the cold comes in (wall & floor), AND where the heat goes out (above).

If you don't stop the heat from going out, it will always find a new way to draw cold air in.

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