Vapor barrier: Yes or No ?


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Vapor barrier: Yes or No ?

50 year old 1 story slab on grade 1,500 ft house in Houston, TX.
Seldom is temp near freezing and seldom is humidity less than 70%.
Quite often temp is over 90 and ditto for humidity. ( It was 80 deg on New Years day. )
I want to re-insulate the attic (previous owner had sort of spread around some cellulose) preferrably with fiberglass.
Virtually all the box stores sell this type with some type of vapor barrier on one side. And many of the questions/answers from forums such as this always mention the requirement of a vapor barrier.
However, I have heard several local home show "experts" say that vapor barriers should NOT be used in the Gulf Coast region. All it does is make the moisture/mold problem even worse.
Which way should I go?
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This site shows a map indicating where and how vapor barriers should be applied. For your area it recommends either the vapor barrier be installed on the exterior or not at all.
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No Vapor Barrier

Resercon is correct and Texas Building Code reflects that.

Vapor barriers are not required for you locale and if used should only be on the exterior walls under the siding.

Ventilated attics are not required to have any vapor barriers at all under Texas Code.

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