adding insulation


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adding insulation

my attic is a r32 would i benefit by adding more insulation to it? i was thinking of adding a r25 or a r30. also my insulation in the attic doesn't go over to the wall plate it is about 3 feet short of it.this area only has a r7 on it. would i benebit by blowing some more insulution over to the wall plate or stuffing some roll insulation between the ceiling and the attic floor to cover the area that only has a r7 on it?
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Is this a hot climate or a cold climate?

Either way, R-25 - R-30 is good enough.

In hot climates, the bulk of heat is radiant & humidity. Adding insulation won't fix this. Supplemented by a radiant barrier on the underside of the attic, and air seal your attic ducts to reduce the amount of humidity that comes in.

In cold climates, heat rises. It rises faster out of the roof the colder it is. So adding insulation won't help. You need to air seal the ceiling, under the existing insulation.

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